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We are holistically designed to be well.  We miss communication from our body mind and spirit in our lives because we are not in alignment with what we individually require and need.  How this shows up in our lives is through anxiety, depression fatigue, a perpetual suffering, addictions (all kinds), spiritual dissonance, relationship issues, difficulty with intimacy, and the list goes on.  


Sharon Land

There is more information inside your body than in the most profound philosophical text.  Our bodies represent the storage of the unspoken voice of our emotional experiences. Many of which we can not recall or remember, yet they are still very much still alive and well in our cells.

We were taught to believe time heals all wounds, but we have come to realize this not true.  If it were, then thousands of individuals would not suffer with PTSD, physical disease, and mental illness.  This is a tragic and painful misconception that actually interferes with our healing.  Studies have shown there is a direct correlation between untreated and unattended response to challenging experiences and crisis and the state of health within our body mind and spirit.  


We have also found talking alone doesn’t always help us express our emotional experiences. It is this profound and philosophical belief that has led Sharon to offer a variety of services to provide in roads and avenues to each individual in their own healing.

"I thank you for creating the shift inside of me, I now can not choose some of the same things I used to that compromised my health.  It's like there is a block! you have made me focus on what is good for me, and I can't not do it which is strange and beautiful!  thank you for helping me to be my full potential. " keicia Somatic Healing Client

"As a fellow holistic health practitioner and mother, I respect Sharon deeply and appreciate her incredible gifts as an Intuit, healer, and empath." Angela K.

Many Ways to Receive Help

Guiding you to Live and Love Fully 

Sharon Offers a variety of Sessions that cater to individuals, partners, and groups.  

Sharon is a gifted and highly impactful healer and intuitive. She is well versed in myriad holistic modalities and her integrative, compassionate, and therapeutic approach to total wellness is unparalleled. Sharon’s deep care for her clients is evident. She is committed to uncovering blocks and establishing balance through helping each individual heal their mind, body and spirit. Sharon epitomizes what is means to be a lightworker and I could not recommend her services enough! - KC 

I recommend working with Sharon with my whole heart! Sharon has helped me to heal physically as well as emotionally. Sharon is very knowledgeable and supportive in all that she does. She is a beautiful person and I look forward to our continued work together! Jessi - Harmonyum and Somatic Healing Client

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Through Intuitive Counseling, Somatic Therapy, BWRT, and Harmonyum work with each person is met at their unique bio and emotional place and an individual plan is created to help each and every one rise to the very best person they can be. This work is unlike what most have experienced and is difficult to place into a box or program.  book a 15 minute consultation call to meet Sharon and discuss your goals. 

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