Sharon Jean Land

Sharon is a Facilitator, International Intuitive Coach, Mentor, Somatic Therapist,  BWRT Therapist, Harmonyum Practitioner, Guided Meditation Specialist, Spiritualist, Public Speaker, and Mental Health Counselor in Training who works with clients worldwide. Trauma informed, Somatic Therapy led, Through discussions, medical intuit, spirituality, psychic abilities, energy testing, light work, and passion Sharon helps others learn how to become their own healer and own intuitive.  The greatest goal is to create a healthy interdependency towards one's own self mastery.  


The body mind and our spirits are designed to be well.  Most of us have been programmed to live life in a way that partially or completely deny the ability and right to feel emotional, physical and spiritual safety.  Because of cultural conditioning and bias, we miss clues that we are not in alignment with what we individually require and need.  


  With the utmost priority of creating a safe non-judgmental space for each client, Sharon's intuit goes right to the root cause and source of inbalance.  This allows us to bring to the surface a different perspective and awareness. Transformation can be messy, uncomfortable and the most challenging experience of our lives.  Sharon holds a safe space to allow the process to be addressed in unconditional love, hope, empowerment as we confront the markers which lead us to expansion and personal growth.  


Sharon is a successful entrepreneur, Trauma specialized, narcissistic abuse informed, addictions informed, culturally informed (on a constant quest for further competency), LGBTQ+ informed, and works within the foundation of Somatic Therapy.  A Mental Health Counselor in Training providing supervised individual and group counseling.  


Health is one of our greatest contributions to ourselves and the collective, Sharon has a regular routine of self care and holistic wellness.  When not working with her clients, she can be found hiking, running, studying Ayurveda, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Astrology, eating a plant-based diet, yoga, meditation, Harmonyum, Shamanic, and energy healing.  



~Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Training

~Narcissistic Abuse Informed

~Trauma informed

~PolyVagal Regulation trained

~Attachment Styles 

~Crisis Response Counselor Certified

~Former Professional Equine Trainer

~Former Professional Competitor

~CMT Certified Massage Therapy

~Lymphatic Drainage and Lypossage

~Meditation facilitator

~Medical Medium

~Bio Individual Nutritional Mentor

~Certified in LGBTQ sensitivity training,

~Shamanic Healing

~Energy Work


Sharon has extensive work in the Mental Health field, Corporate Management and Coaching industry. 


I wanted to thank you again, beautiful soul! I recall your guidance around opening my throat chakra and there was old scarring and you did some healing, I forgot this, and on the weekend attended a seminar where there was a space for people to share spoken word, sing a song, etc.  I got over my fear and joined the fabulous healer/guitarist and sang.  It felt so good and I sang freely!  I lost myself in the music and sang with so much feeling... better than I probably had in my whole music career. ~ this healing has and continues to be very transformative ~ S.M. Remote Client

The miracle of holistic healing amazes me and drives me to grow each day personally and professionally.  My belief is all of us are the sum of our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual parts and at times when one aspect is out of balance all areas suffer. Namaste ~ Sharon 

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