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Intuitive Coaching ~ Guided discussion 
Somatic Healing 

Somatic Healing Releases Emotional Pain from the Body

Somatic Healing is a Hands-on therapy which helps release stored experiences and emotional pain.  It connects the mind, heart, and body so one can achieve a person's best authentic wellness. Somatic healing takes you on a journey inward to the physical body, energy body and spiritual body.  A core pillar of Somatic Healing is our experiences are stored in our body. Our lack of connection from our mind to heart and collective bodies perpetuates poor choices and results in either a victim or survival mindset.  These emotional and physical experiences are stored in the body at a cellular level.  These experiences then join with the body and eventually cause dysfunction and Dis EASE  As a practitioner, it is my belief the body is designed to be well. Our work together is a process of taking a deeper look to journey into your own state of being, body and inner spirit and how it connects to the Health or dis ease of your physical body. Each session is different, on some varying degree uses bodywork, Lightwork, energy Work, energy testing, essential oils, medical Intuit, nutritional consult, and shamanic techniques. Through discussion we will expand your awareness, clear blocks, unburden old scars, find new strength to shed what doesn’t serve you,  (body~mind~spirit) and learn to manage what is. You will truly glow and thrive from the inside out! 

Harmonyum Healing 

Intuitive coaching and mentoring aids in and transforms entire body mind spirit wellness. Our thoughts, foods, friends, profession, family, connection to service of something greater than ourselves, all play a great role in our capacity to either thrive or survive.  Working with me remotely or in person, you will discover your originating self-beliefs, how you might have chosen patterns, what your natural rhythm is, where you are now, and where you would like to see yourself improve. Then you are given tools and wisdom to thrive. My belief is that we are all a product of our own biological foundation married with the conditioning of our life's events, which creates our response to circumstance.  Working with me, you will have a safe space to explore areas of your life that you would like to grow deeper, change the direction, change thought patterns completely, and manifest into reality some of your most far-fetched visions and dreams.   Using a variety of tools and gifts to intuit physical illness, nutrition for your bio-individuality rewiring thoughts and brain patterns, physical activity for your unique needs, coping skills for crisis prevention and intervention, trauma healing, unconditional support in your goals, transform your self-belief, and identify a path towards physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Remote sessions welcome! I work with clients across the globe. ​

Harmonyum is an effective healing therapy which works through Quantum Bio-Metaphysical Medicine that heals the physical body by treating the non-physical body or spiritual body. Harmonyum Healing is a relaxing service which is administered with a light touch the the base of the brain and spine.  The special techniques of this healing stimulates the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system which regulates our “fight or flight” response. The specially designed patterns and protocol help to place the spine into a state which allows complete healing and directs the body towards proper homeostasis.  By receiving Harmonyum you will access to the unconscious underlying mental patterns or attitudes behind all of the disturbances we are faced with in life. By releasing these traumatic emotional patterns which form our negative programming, we naturally become more positive, compassionate, loving and kind.

Harmonyum enhances our body’s ability to regulate immune functions so that our self-healing mechanisms can kick into gear, diminishing the cycle of disease. One must preserve and honor life so as to counteract illness, for as soon as disharmony in our environment exists, illness will follow.  Harmonyum Healing has access to the unconscious underlying mental patterns or attitudes behind all of the disturbances we are faced with in life. By releasing these traumatic emotional patterns which form our negative programming, we naturally become more positive, compassionate, loving and kind. Because people love to have their spine worked on and respond very quickly to this transcendental healing treatment. A great service for anyone new to healing, resistant or uninterested in talk therapy, those with significant physical, emotional, immune issues, children who display signs of hyperactivity, emotional problems, learning disabilities, physical challenge, etc. will all benefit from Harmonyum Healing. Pretty much everyone and anyone can benefit from this healing service.  Currently Sharon is the only Harmonyum Practitioner in NJ!


Brain Working Recursive Therapy 


BWRT® – BrainWorking Recursive Therapy®


BWRT® – or BrainWorking Recursive Therapy® – is a new model of psychology and psychopathology that fits with the current thinking on neuroscience. It is solution-focused and evidence-based, and directly interferes with the processes the brain uses in creating what we call the ‘subconscious’.

We tend to call it ‘subconscious’ because somehow, and miraculously, it makes us do things that we don’t really want to do, like eating fatty food when we want to loose weight, or panicking when speaking in public. It’s something we can’t consciously control, because it happens in our subconscious without us being aware or in control of it… just yet.

From a scientific point of view our ‘subconscious’ is actually nothing else than data coming in through our 5 senses and being processed by our brain through a pattern recognition system which filters information according to its pre-programming and triggers responses accordingly, just like a computer. Only that it happens so fast, that our conscious mind can’t catch up with it quick enough and only recognises that something was triggered when it’s already resulted in some form of action, like sweating and speaking with a high-pitched voice when public speaking.

It’s not your fault really, it’s an automatic mechanism that happens in your brain so fast that it’s literally out of your conscious control. Because your brain is getting tremendous amounts of messages for every split second of your life. So what it tirelessly does is look for things and situations that it’s experienced before which are similar to what it’s experiencing right now. 

And if it finds something that worked before, the brain will automatically do the same thing again. And if it didn’t work, the brain will try to avoid it. The problem is that this part of the brain is incredibly fast and not very logical so it doesn’t give you time to think – in fact, all of this happens without you even knowing about it at first. So if it finds something that was once a threat, it will use anxiety to try to steer you right away from that.

For instance, if you once went to a party where something really upset you, it might create uncomfortable feelings every time you try to go to a social gathering. This is called Social Phobia. And you know what? It wouldn’t matter how much you wished you could master it, that speedy process would have you imagining all sorts of uncomfortable things before you get a chance to counter-act it.

Sadly, it often becomes a habit to think that you can’t do a certain thing and stop it altogether because you got it in your head that you’re just not that kind of person who can do such things, which of course is far from true! All it is, is a trigger-response mechanism that happens in your brain.

Now the good news about BWRT® as opposed to most other therapy methods is that we don’t have to find out what the uncomfortable event was which created the mental struggle and it can help with a vast array of mental challenges.


What BWRT can help you with:

  • Commitment Anxiety

  • Phobias, Fears and Anxiety

  • Success Inhibition

  • Fear of Failure

  • Binge Eating/Drinking

  • All types of Performance Anxiety

  • Self Worth/Self-Confidence Issues

  • Fear of Authority

  • Relationship Issues

  • Grief

  • OCD

  • PTSD

  • … and more


"when I first came in contact with you I was in a lot of back. I know you explained what you did, I ignored you and I figured I get a couple of “massages” and that would be that. well, that wasn't that and I'm very happy it wasn't, not only have you helped me with my back but you also helped me with me. I have peace of mind and a feeling of relief that I haven't had in a long time. I still have a hard time with handling confrontation but at least now I can think through the outcome. also, I used to run or focus on something else then the real issue in front of me, now I see it and want to deal with it" Mark Somatic Healing Client

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