Harmonyum Healing Therapy

Harmonyum Healing Therapy as discovered and taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levy ~ Divine Spiritual Master GuruNaam, allows us to access God, the Universe, Source, Love as our power in our life. Dr. Levy is an author, composer, producer of sacred music and international lecturer, whose universal message brings together the spiritual healing traditions of the East and West. An engineer by training, Dr. Levry earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of Science in Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic Institute of New York and also holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Science. As a scholar, Dr. Levry seamlessly joins ancient eastern wisdom, mysticism, and healing practices such as meditation, breath work and yoga, with revelatory western science, mathematics, modern medicine and metaphysics.

Dr. Levry created this divine delivery system and has taught thousands of people across the world to provide to others.  Sharon is grateful to extend this gift to others and hopes everyone experiences at least once in their lifetime.  Read more about Dr. Levry's Study at Children's Cancer Center in Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC where his work has aided in to reduce pain in children undergoing cancer treatment. 

Harmonyum uses the combination of science and metaphysics to create a complete restful state to the central nervous system to allow it to find its way back to true health.


Harmonyum is delivered by a light physical touch on the base of the brain and spine.  A complex system delivered in a pleasant relaxing and sacred atmosphere.

It is the manifestation of complete trust in this life by providing inroads to access health and positive action in each person who receives Harmonyum.  

Harmonyum moves any and all healing to a higher level.  Either magnifying any other type of treatment/therapy or by itself.



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