somatic therapy

When we feel overwhelmed by trauma,talk alone isn't going to do very much.  We have to go to the voice of our bodies.  One that doesn't use words to create experiences that contradict those of fear and hopelessness ~ Peter A. Levine PhD

The body represents our unspoken voice. It stores our experiences, our emotional reaction to those experiences, including events we can not recall.  


 Those we are unable to express and release has the capacity to stay stagnant and fester for lifetimes.


Words are often unable to be formed to express what lays dormant. At times this leads to feeling unsafe or disconnected from our bodies.  These signal to our nervous system there is something to fight, flee or freeze which in turn creates a new pathway within our autonomic and central nervous systems that confirms something is not quite right!


Talking alone does not always work to help us move beyond our discomfort, transform, heal and create healthy pathways to thrive.


Somatic Therapy focuses on internal physical understanding.  

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