Somatic Therapy with Sharon

Resilience strategies and teaching our nervous systems to regulate is the key.  Until recently, most treatments only worked with rehashing and discussing the event that we THINK is the activator.   It is essential that the unresolved activation from traumatic experiences locked in the nervous system be discharged.  This has nothing to do with re-membering our experience, it has all to do with processesing and completing our survival instincts and creating a preferred emotional response.  A new neutral, healthy response cannot occur while our central nervous system is activated in a sympathetic or parasympathetic response is activated.  

The body carries the memories of what has happened and signals to communicate the impact of unprocessed emotions from events.  Including not only what DID happen, but also what it wanted to happen.  

Somatic therapy allows you to release these experiences from your body.  Many times it allows the completion of what we wanted to do in response to traumatic events so our bodies can find itself back to a restful state.  

How is this done?  The first step is creating awareness of your physical state.  

  • where are you creating tension?

  • where are you feeling contracted?

  • how is it that your body is communicating with you via it's vital organ functioning?

  • skin, liver, spleen, overproduction of cortisol, numbness, digestive system, breathing capacity


You will find as we journey inwards, we are able to determine your own unique way of receiving communication, and how you might be stuck in a sympathetic nervous system response (what controls what we do when we are stressed). 


We learn how to identify what state we are in, and through guidance and practice with Sharon, learn how to place yourself in a new and healthy parasympathetic nervous system response (to when we are at true relaxation.) Done via meditation, inward visualization, poly-vagal regulation, and Shamanic healing. 

Techniques such as Trigger Point, lymphatic release, fascia stimulation and release, and verbal processing of emotions that might come through as the old stuck emotions are released from the physical body.  


We also discuss your environment, Physical movement, daily habits, eating habits, and share ideas on how you may be able to nourish your body in ways that is in alignment with what it needs.  

These sessions are done in person.  

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