Sharon is a gifted and highly impactful healer and intuitive. She is well versed in myriad holistic modalities and her integrative, compassionate, and therapeutic approach to total wellness is unparalleled. Sharon’s deep care for her clients is evident. She is committed to uncovering blocks and establishing balance through helping each individual heal their mind, body and spirit. Sharon epitomizes what is means to be a lightworker and I could not recommend her services enough! - KC Intuitive Coaching Client

I recommend working with Sharon with my whole heart! Sharon has helped me to heal physically as well as emotionally. Sharon is very knowledgeable and supportive in all that she does. She is a beautiful person and I look forward to our continued work together! Jessi - Harmonyum, BWRT, Intuitive Counseling and Somatic Healing Client

Wanted to thank you again, beautiful soul! I recall your guidance around opening my throat chakra and there was old scarring and you did some healing, I forgot this, and on the weekend attended a seminar where there was a space for people to share spoken word, sing a song, etc.  I got over my fear and joined the fabulous healer/guitarist and sang.  It felt so good and I sang freely!  I lost myself in the music and sang with so much feeling... better than I probably had in my whole music career. ~ this healing has and continues to be very transformative ~ S.M. Remote Client

Sharon is a very reliable person who's work is exceptional.  She takes such care, time and love with her clients...  Madeline R.

I thank you for creating the shift inside of me, I now can not choose some of the same things I used to that compromised my health.  It's like there is a block! you have made me focus on what is good for me, and I can't not do it which is strange and beautiful!  thank you for helping me to be my full potential. Somatic Therapy Client   

Sharon’s compassionate and caring approach put me at ease immediately. Trust is a huge factor when embarking on a healing journey. I feel lovingly supported when ‘doing the work’ with this gifted lightworker. Harmonyum Healing and Intuitive Counseling Client Amy

I had the good fortune of meeting Sharon more than 7 years ago.  After initial connection, Sharon has become part of my regular wellness routine.  Her intuition and instincts are uncanny.  She has a gift to point out concerns like early diagnosis of skin cancer, pancreatitis in my dog, as well as cancer which was later confirmed and treated by a doctor.  I have sought her help via coaching for emotional support, energy and massage therapy, and her intuit on diet, activity, and teaching me new ways to help heal myself.  Sharon has helped my daughter and best friend with her healing and intuitive discussion.  I would refer her to anyone who is in need of any type of life guidance, and the added benefit of early detection. Annie Somatic and Harmonyum Healing Client

I met Sharon about two years ago when she was practicing horse massage therapy in Florida. She was exceptional in reading and feeling the needs of my beloved horse physically and mentally. Sharon through hands-on touch and listening located my horses's problem areas and addressed them. I saw improvement immediately. She was a joy to talk to during her work with my mare and so understanding of my situation at the time. I didn't know then how talented she is as a healer with such spiritual insight. 

My husband and I have since asked Sharon to work with our majestic black Belgian Shepherd PTSD service dog and trained K-9 unit. This was a remote appointment through FaceTime where Sharon could view the dog, mostly, and us at times. She spoke to him and he shared his feelings that Sharon could hear and relate to us. Even though without a miracle Atos is considered terminal, we received comfort through Sharon of his needs as be bared his inner being of deep love and strength to Sharon. It seems like there was so much spiritual energy and light that surfaced through her to us it is too difficult to impart properly in this one-dimensional format. Definitely opening our hearts and love were an integral part of our session. Opening your beliefs to vulnerability and sharing feedback with Sharon is key to a healing. Sharon suggested mental and physical actions we could take as owners to ease his pain as well. I highly recommend Sharon's work, whether human or animal, to help see things we don't see, read our energy or problems right away, and propose solutions. Her talent was right on point. Her love, honest openness of what she sees and feels, spirituality, and an aura of peace was heavenly. We definitely needed time to reflect and digest after our beautiful session with Sharon. Thank you from our hearts. Atos, Mike and Nancy. Florida, April, 2018 UPDATE ~ Atos who at the time of our first session, could barely walk from room to room is now, chasing squirrels, following his father around the farm, and light in spirit and happy.  Though his diagnosis is unchanged, his symptoms, quality of life, and vitality have completely transformed.- Intuitive Counseling Client 

As a fellow holistic health practitioner and mother, I respect Sharon deeply and appreciate her incredible gifts as an intuit, healer and empath. In our remote session, I felt Sharon radiating a bright, nourishing and enveloping energy in our remote interactions. Our dog, Hunny, has been with us since she was 10 weeks old. I asked Sharon for intuit guidance because I wanted to better understand Hunny’s needs and what she may want us to know for her to be the happiest and healthiest dog she can be with us - in this lifetime. Prior to our phone conversation, I did not share details of Hunny’s health condition with Sharon; however, Sharon picked up on Hunny’s back (she has mineralized discs), digestive issues and pointed out other specific areas that need our attention and care. Sharon shared that Hunny’s stomach is “sour,” which made complete sense as she eats grass often when we are outside – it tells us that they has digestive discomforts. Sharon also mentioned that urinating may be painful for Hunny, which indicated that her kidneys and bladder needed care. Then she recommended practical solutions to help my dog heal – these protocols were very specific –


Additionally, I greatly appreciated Sharon for sharing a detailed picture of how Hunny would heal physically and emotionally. I asked about Hunny’s energetic health and learned her past as a royal spirit, which explained a lot! Sharon suggested that we give Hunny a ‘job’ so she has clarity on her role in this lifetime and a healthier way to direct her energies. My family has always viewed Hunny as our first baby and Sharon shared that Hunny’s spirit wants us to trust her and not treat her like a child. She also shared interesting details on the dynamics between Hunny and different family members. Our conversation was a rich dialogue that validated my own understanding of Hunny while unfolding unexpected and yet valuable needs on Hunny’s part so my family can love in her way. Angela Intuitive Counseling client

Sharon and I crossed paths when I was about 12 years old.  She was coaching and training in the equine industry and 13 years later has been a constant in my life.  She is one of my closest teachers.  Her deep connection with energy has given her incredible gifts such as an insight that never fails to enlighten me in finding my path to the best most simplest way in overcoming an issue or struggle.  Sharon is someone I will always count on for reassurance as well as encouragement and support in finding my own inspiration in taking on life's challenges and lessons.  ~  Chelsea M. 

 I have been blessed to know Sharon for the past 6 years! she has been my instructor, energy healer, massage therapist and “emotional therapist”. Since day one I noticed Sharon ’s kindness and willingness to help those around her. She is extremely easy to talk with and gives amazingly sound feedback that makes you dig deep into your own thoughts and emotions to bring out the best In yourself. Her focus is always on what is best for you.  She has helped with me with physical pain and healing along with emotional support! I don’t hesitate to recommend her for anyone. Especially those dealing with trauma. Everyone needs a Sharon in their life :) Curry C.

Sharon's results are magnificent, because she enabled myself and my horse to grow together and independently.  She is excellent at working with her clients through her knowledge, and intuition to bring their best to the surface.  She is well respected by colleagues as being supportive, trustworthy and innovative.  Lana S.

Sharon is a professional trainer and massage therapist with all the top credentials making her one of the best in her field, but it is her deep love and devotion that shows in everything she does.  You are truly in the best experienced hands with Sharon.  JC

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